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Xel Ha


FROM 98,10 €*  Only nature can be perfect enough to show us the magic existing and available to experience in every corner of Xel-Há: "where the water is born ", in Maya, is a place of astounding beauty where the turquoise lagoon, the softly flowing river and the lush jungle converge to form a wonderful setting by the sea. Contact our live chat for more information about our discounts!



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Xel Ha all-inclusive

This is an aquatic paradise, unique in the world, where people can snorkel to see thousands of fish that have made the river and cove their home. This can be explored on foot, bicycle or train, while admiring the variety of plant and animal species in their natural habitat.

Xel-Ha is a universe devoted to ecology and to preserve the native flora and fauna. Within the park there is a turtle camp, a dolphin lagoon, a family of manatees, and an apiary; all intended to promote the preservation of the species.

Furthermore, the All-Inclusive entry provides an endless number of unlimited surprises to give you a fascinating visit. Enjoy the buffet breakfast full of delights. Recharge your energy through the day with the most varied snacks. Enjoy by ordering your favorite beverages, and eat at all restaurants as often as you like.

You’ll receive snorkeling equipment, with our very own tube for free, a locker and all the towels you need. You’ll also be provided a lifejacket, bicycle, floating tires, showers, restrooms, dressing rooms, sunbeds and hammocks.


  • Transportation from the hotel’s lobby
  • Entrance, with access to the park’s activities (does not include supplementary activities, such as dolphins, Snuba, sharks, etc.)
  • Enjoy the park until 17:30 hr.
  • Food, beverages and snacks within the park
  • Snorkeling equipment with your very own tube for free

Suggestions: comfortable clothing, swimming suit, biodegradable sunblock, photo camera, cash for souvenirs and for optional activities within the park.

Children under 1 meter in height enter free of charge. Children above 1.40 meters in height pay as an adult.

Important: FirstKlass Vacation is not responsible at the park’s ticket offices for children above 1 meter in height who haven’t yet paid their entry, nor for children 1.40 meters in height or above who had originally paid as minors. Those who are under 12 years of age but higher than indicated, must show official photo ID.

Tulum Xel ha

We start the tour through the archeological area of Tulum, meaning “walled city” in Maya, where you’ll get to know part of the interesting story this culture offers. This was a key city for the Maya culture, as the region’s commercial port of entry. We can see the walls that surrounded the city and the diverse buildings tht distinguished the social classes of the Maya culture.

The wall used to serve as defense against the attackers arriving by sea, and was built around the entire city; leaders lived within the wall, while lower classes dwelled outside.

We’ll get to admire the intelligence of this culture’s elements when our guide explains the function of the main construction, built as a lighthouse, presiding over the whole city, being the visible and majestic part that can be seen when arriving by sea.

After this tour we’ll head to Xel Ha park, where we’ll enjoy all of the abovementioned activities.

Don`t forget to ask about our discount program. If you book 2 tours you save 10%, and if you book 3 tours you save 15% (Not parks included, just received 10% off). Contact our live chat for more information.



*Discounts per person. Restrictions apply. Prices subject to change without notice.

Time of departure. Depends on your hotel’s location. Approximately 7 in the morning.


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  • Adults
  • Children
  • Xel Ha T.I.
  • 120,00€
  • 65,00€
  • Tulum Xel Ha T.I.
  • 139,00€
  • 70,00€

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* Children (0-2 years of age, free of charge)

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