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Are there translators on the tours?

Yes, we have highly qualified personnel. From the moment you leave until you return, a guide will provide you with information about the tour, and upon arriving at the site, the tour will be provided in your language. All guides are certified by the Ministry of Tourism on the information they provide, and languages.

Are meals included in the tours?

Meals are included for the tours when specified, always depending on the destination and package. Beverages at restaurants are not included, and must be paid separately, as well as any gratuities you wish to provide for the service. In Mexico, it is customary to leave 10 to 15% of the total as gratuity.

Are activities like canopy and snorkel safe?

Certainly! All activities will be performed with certified guides, and their designated areas always have the necessary safety measures to prevent potential accidents.

Do you have insurance?

All insurances, well beyond those required by Law. Insurance for accidents and civil liability. You will be entirely covered. Regardless of the travel insurance you hired when purchasing your trip.

Are gratuities included?

No. In Mexico, it is customary to leave a tip of around 15% of the total value consumed in bars and restaurants. In the case of transportation and the guide, if you believe that the service you received deserves gratuity, it is well received by our staff, and they authorized to receive. However, it is NOT mandatory, and our staff is forbidden to request.

How long must we wait in case of delay?

Our staff has all your contact information: hotel, room number, name… and will attempt to find you at the hotel. Estimating a courtesy wait of about 10 minutes.

But is will always depend on how the program is being complied, and the activities to be performed. We are not strict regarding that time.

If the tour has been delayed because a customer was late coming out, our base will inform this delay to all other customers who are waiting for the transportation.

Is it possible to get in touch with someone who is on an excursion?

If the excursion is not in a park, this is, not subject to a set program and led by a guide, you can always contact us, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Are there any documents necessary when going on excursions?

As a general rule, we recommend you leave original passports and documents, as well as valuable items, inside the safe-deposit box in your room. It is advisable, especially in the case of children, to take a photocopy of the passport, showing the child’s photo and age. At some entrances to certain sites, there are questions regarding the age of the children. In such case, if unable to prove, the child could be denied entry or be obligated to pay as an adult.

What happens if it rains?

Tours always operate if the conditions allow. Except for severe weather conditions, tours will always operate. It is important to emphasize that this is tropical weather, so it could rain torrentially for a certain time, and then the sun will come out again. In such case, heat will be higher, due to the humidity created by the rain. It also sometimes happens to rain somewhere, and it’s not raining 30 km down. This is a tropical climate, and it’s usually very sunny and warm.

Which creams and lotions should we bring?

Usually two types. SPF 50 or higher sunblock. We all want to look tanned and boast we were at the Caribbean back home. Even with this SPF you’ll surely get an enviable tan. But in this tropical region, sun is much more intense than in our country, even if we live in warm areas or are already tanned. Without this sunblock, we risk getting severely sunburned and ruin our vacation.

Another type of advisable lotion is against mosquitos, known as moscos in Mexico. As a humid mangrove area, there are many… and they bite hard… we recommend reapplying every 45-50 minutes. Some people believe repellants are inefficient, as they have been bitten even while wearing, some say mosquitos have gotten accustomed to the lotion. This is false, the truth is we sweat the lotion off in high heat… and the mosquitos return.

Where should I exchange to obtain Mexican pesos? Is it better to bring US Dollars?

Nearly every place accepts credit cards (except for native artisans and small shops), and it’s the best way to pay our expenses. The exchange rates provided by banks for credit cards (MAESTRO cards are not accepted!) is the best. You can even use them to get cash at ATMs. Nearly all hotels have an ATM. US Dollars are also accepted everywhere. Even native artisans accept them. The issue is the exchange rate, highly unfavorable, they apply. If we add this to the exchange rate applied by our bank…

If you ultimately wish to bring cash, we suggest not exchanging at the airport or the hotel, as their exchange rates are highly unfavorable. The best option is going to the famous Quinta Avenida at Playa del Carmen, where you can exchange at numerous established currency exchange agencies. First walk around to compare exchange rates. We suggest exchanging small amounts of money to avoid having an excess of Mexican pesos at the end, which are then hard to exchange in Spain.

Is the Riviera Maya safe?

ABSOLUTELY. This is a tourism destination where we receive more than 8 MILLION persons each year. There are no problems. You’ll surely hear news of violence in Mexico. Those are true, but occurring on the Northern border with the United States. Nothing bad happens here.

During the transportation from the airport to the hotel, and at the meeting you’ll have on the day after your arrival, at around 8 in the morning, you’ll be told things such as “don’t leave the hotel alone without us, don’t go on Quinta Avenida because the tours offered there are all scams, if something happens to you outside of the hotel, your insurance won’t pay, we will not be held liable if anything happens to you, if you purchase a tour from someone else, they won’t come pick you up…” and many other things. The reason they say this is solely to sell their own tours. What you find outside only differs in quality. That is why we advise you don’t be alarmed, and fully enjoy this paradise.

Is it safe to board transportation on the highway outside of the hotel?

Absolutely. It is public transportation used by thousands and thousands of persons each day. Hotel workers and thousands of tourists. It is a quick and affordable means of transportation. It ranges from 35 to 45 Mexican pesos per person and trip. You just need to raise your hand for them to stop, and they drive by every two minutes. They’ll drop you off two blocks away from Quinta Avenida, specifically on between avenues 15 and 20, on the corner with street 2. To return, board them at the same site where they left you. It is important to remember the last van leaves Playa del Carmen at 11 at night.

What is the time difference with Spain?

Two liters per person. Bottles come in 750 and 950 milliliters.

Is there anything we need to pay when leaving Mexico?

That will depend on your flight. Usually, charter flights must pay 55 euros per person in exit fees. In cash. We recommend paying in euros, and to keep it aside when you arrive, as paying in pesos gives you a highly unfavorable exchange rate.

Is it safe to go out at night to bars and night clubs?

The entertainment area of Playa del Carmen is on the corner of street 12 and Quinta Avenida. Being a tourism site, it’s full of bars and night clubs (known in Mexico as antros). There are no problems, as there is always public safety and thousands of persons. Respect and courtesy will always ensure safety. There’s plenty of fun!

Is there a way to contact you at any time?

Certainly. We are on guard 24 hours a day. Our phone numbers, email and whatsapp appears on your reservations, and you can always turn to us if needed. We’ll be delighted and ready to help. We hope, above all else, that you have the best vacation possible.

Are you Mexican?

No. Although our agency has been in Mexico for more than 7 years, the company and its management is from Spain.

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