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The Riviera Maya: Creation and Development

Enjoy the Mayan Riviera

Its origins date back to 1993, when the municipality of Solidaridad was established. Some state it came to fill a distinct area of Cancun, where Maya culture would take center stage in this destination.

The Riviera Maya is constituted by over 200 kilometers of coasts, from Puerto Morelos to Punta Allen, at the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an, which translates as “where the sky is born”.

EIn 1997, all sectors of this emerging tourism area drove its positioning. First, a name had to be chosen. Experts in marketing, including Servando Acuña, did this work. A shortlist of names was chosen, and asked to the tourists that were already arriving at this area. That’s when the Riviera Maya name was chosen. A name implying the important underlying Maya culture that has existed for thousands of years, and one of its main attractions. The name was also chosen for the word’s glamourous trait, Riviera.

From there the connection between the Caribbean and the Maya began to emerge. Tropical weather and culture. Something very few destinations can offer, turning the Riviera Maya into a world tourism leader.

Development didn’t hold back once this excellent foundation had been set. Investors fully place their trust in a tourism destination that receives more than three and a half million people every year. More than four hundred thousand of them come from Spain.From every region, in search of learning about the Maya culture. Spanish tourists are the most interested in the Maya culture out of all the tourists that visit this part of the world. Their roots are also here.

Most of the hotels established here are Spanish. All the great Spanish franchises are present, with large and luxurious hotel premises.

Currently the greatest number of visitors to the Riviera Maya are from the United States, followed by Canadians. Perhaps for the geographic proximity. But Spaniards are closely behind Mexicans, in outstanding fourth place.

The International Airport of Cancun plays an essential role in all this growth as a world hub, added to the important promotion activities made by Mexican authorities and private agencies, such as the Riviera Maya Hotel Association,with a professional and strict performance. Direct flights from Spain with daily flights throughout the year, make it easy for tourists to travel from Spain to this wonderful land.

Sustainable development is one of the pillars in this process, with urban planning taking good care of the environment, although there is still plenty to improve.

Furthermore, this area holds another significant element in favor of progress. Modern and efficient infrastructure, as well as roads, and the comfort created by all the elements of the urban areas offering safety. Another important aspect for tourism in this area burdened by alarming news heard worldwide concerning its safety, but far from the truth, at this wonderful destination. The Riviera Maya is the safest region in Mexico. Where everyone can freely visit, and enjoy its cultural and tourism wealth without fear or danger.

Raúl Herrera

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