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The First Day on the Riviera Maya

first day on the Riviera Maya

After travelling for more than 10 hours, we finally arrive at the Riviera Maya. Transportation from the airport to the hotel will be at night, so good advice is to leave your suitcases, have a light dinner, and then go to sleep to avoid the infamous jetlag.

If you are unable to fall asleep or have woken up sooner than intended, there are many options at the hotels to be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. Even though restaurants don’t open before 07:30 they are available 24 hours a day, so you can have breakfast and enjoy a nice hot dog or hamburger at any time.

This is the usual scene of all those arriving to the Riviera Maya from Spain. . It’s only logical to wake up with a time lag. Keep in mind that for someone arriving from Spain, it’s noon. You won’t get used to this for another 1 or 2 days.

The first day on the Riviera Maya is for making discoveries. We advise you avoid all excursions on that day, as you’ll most likely feel like taking a nap, although you must avoid this at all cost, and thus adapt your body to the time on the Riviera Maya. Hold back until night. Get yourself a map of the hotel and take a tour. Hotels are enormous, and there is usually inner transportation from one lobby to the next.

Make reservations at the theme restaurants. Hurry up because they have a limited capacity. Inquire which restaurants are available for you at Guest Service. They will guide you with everything related to the hotel. They are usually located near the Front Desk.

. They will give you coupons on your arrival, which you can exchange for towels and, on the last day, give them back, they will give you a coupon to leave at the front desk on you way out. If you lose towels or take them with you, you’ll have to pay.

You have a meeting scheduled with the agency. It usually takes one or one and a half hours. Before you know it its noon and you haven’t yet been at the beach. But you have everything ready now. Theme restaurants, excursions, perhaps a spa… now it’s time to enjoy.

Wear SPF 50 sunblock. Do it regularly. Even if you are already tanned or you don’t usually get sunburned. The sun here is particularly intense. We have tropical weather and, if you fail to take precautions your vacations could be ruined by sunburns and unable to leave your room. A Caribbean tan is something to boast about. But even when wearing high sunblock, I guarantee you’ll get tanned.

You will notice high humidity. Especially from June to September. You will sweat a lot. This is normal, this is a tropical climate with abundant rainfall. But downpours usually last one or two hours. Then there is much more heat and humidity. It could even be raining at your hotel, and not a drop falling only 20 kilometers away, where others are enjoying a splendid sunshine.

You must drink plenty of fluids to avoid stomach issuesFirstklass excursions always include bottled flavored water free of charge. Always drink bottled water. Never from the tap. There are jars at some buffets, don’t worry, those are filled from 25-liter jugs.

When the sun begins to set we must watch out for mosquitos. We are at an area of mangroves and jungles. This is where or special bracelets. Si es la loción hay que ponerla cada hora. No es cierto que los mosquitos estén ya acosIf wearing lotion, apply every hour. It’s not true that mosquitos have become accustomed to repellant, the issue is the heat makes us sweat a lot, as we said before. Even at night, we will feel intense sweltering. When we sweat, the lotion wears off and mosquitos jump into action. That is when they attack and sting.

It’s time to go toPlaya del Carmen or continue enjoying the hotel. Dinner, shows, a night stroll on the beach, a few drinks at the hotel’s night club, etc. It’s finally time to go rest in your room. This night you will. Tonight you will fall soundly asleep.

This is the best way to overcome jetlag. You are now ready to enjoy the first excursion on the Riviera Maya with Firstklass. As this will be the first, you have chosen the most intense. The enigmatic Chichen Itzá, sailing through the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka´an, swimming with whale sharks?



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