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Sian Kaan, the excursion you will never forget

Excursion to Sian Kaan

We begin a series of articles where we’ll speak of unforgettable excursions. Incomparable experiences, unavailable elsewhere, unique and once-in-a-lifetime visits that will provide you with unforgettable vacations.

One of the visits you can’t miss when traveling to the Riviera Maya is Sian Kaán, meaning “where the sky is born” in Maya. But, why can’t you miss this?

Here are 8 reasons why.

Enclaved in the biosphere reserveof the same name, decreed World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

2º It’s an all in one. With a lush jungle full of Petenes, trees that can reach 30 meters in height, and only found here, in Florida and Cuba. There is a vast diversity of fauna, with close to 325 species of birds, pumas, monkeys, and a countless number of colorful fish, manatees, dolphins, turtles and, of course, virgin beaches bathed in bright white fine sand, with crystal-clear waters of a turquoise color that will invite you to never leave. Furthermore, this coast is defended by the magnificent coral reef, the second largest in the world, only after Australia’s.

3º You can tour through the jungle on a 4X4. That’s right, you can rent a car and drive on the winding and exciting trails. To the left we’ll find virgin beaches with their turquoise waters, , while we travel deeper into the jungle. To the right we will find the immense lagoon that sustains the diversity of this area. Further down we’ll reach a point where to see the lagoon’s waters intertwine with sea, an amazing melting pot of colors.

4º We’ll get to know Punta Allen. A tiny fishing village that preserves all of yesteryear’s magic. Unpaved streets, and everything as it used to be many years ago. A peculiarity, electricity is provided by the Mexican army, which has a small detachment in the area.

5º We’ll sail on Laguna Negra, an area of mangroves where we’ll admire the enormous interwoven roots emerging from the water. We’ll see the great variety of birds nesting on the treetops, while our guide identifies and tells us about their peculiar traits.

6º We’ll go in search of the variety of sea turtle species that live here. Hawksbill, hickatee, and loggerhead. We’ll watch them swim and emerge to breathe with their enormous head, staring inquiringly back at us; after they breathe, we’ll admire their grace under water when they turn their huge body to submerge again.

7º We can watch dolphins at a very close distance, almost able to touch them and, if we’re lucky, depending on the season, we might even see a baby dolphin jumping alongside its family all around our boats.

8º We’ll see the second largest coral reef in the world. Still shaken by the excitement of seeing dolphins, we’ll head towards the coral reef. We’ll put on our goggles, tube, lifejacket and flippers to jump into the ocean and follow our instructors. We’ll admire the impressive corals moving to the rhythm of the tide, and see shoals of countless fish, in bright colors and all sizes, watching us along the way.

These are only 8 reasons for going on the excursion of incredible experiences but there is much more we encourage you to discover with us. Book a tour with Firstklass to Sian Ka’an and enjoy your very best vacation.


Raúl Herrera

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