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Guides are the differentiating factor of tours

Tourist guide for excursions in Riviera Maya


Guides for excursions on the Riviera Maya is the person who knows how to move perfectly well through the places and sites we’ll visit, and negotiates with everyone. We can ask them absolutely anything, and they will always reply with politely and with a smile. This is our guide.

Tour guides of the Riviera Maya must be certified by Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism, Sectur, and always show their certificate with a photograph.Every one of them is certified in two or more languages shown on the certificate. Attained certificates give them the right to work as tour guides. Guides not only receive language classes, but also lessons on Maya culture and history, Mexico, handling of groups of people, and handling groups of people with handicaps, the culture of other countries… amounting to a minimum of 160 hours per year in training to gain their certificate.

An important aspect is for the information we are told by our guide to be truthful and supported in history. Unfortunately, many myths are told about the Riviera Maya and the Mayas referring to extraordinary or merely anecdotic events, completely unrelated to reality.

A certified guide will spend enough time with visitors to conveniently explain all the aspects of the monuments they visit. For example, , it’s impossible to spend less than one and a half hours at Chichen Itzá. However, on excursions organized by others, hiring a guide at the archeological site, rarely spend more than 40 minutes. We won’t have enough other opportunities to be at those wonderful places, so we can’t allow ourselves to lose the wonderful chance to truly learn about that part of history.

We’ll always feel our guide as someone close to us, concerned about our wellbeing, proud of what they do and represent. As at many other places in Mexico, they deeply appreciate gratuities, for which they will feel twice as fulfilled. For the money, of course, and for rewarding their performance.

Gratuity is not mandatory at all. En Firstklass staff is forbidden to request gratuities. However, most people provide gratuities at the end of a tour because guides truly deserve that recognition for the extraordinary work they perform. We proudly state we have the best guides on the Riviera Maya. We invite you to prove it!




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