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Firstklass Vacation: a New Stage, a New Adventure

Riviera Maya with FirstKlass

This space we opened at Firstklass for you, is open to everyone. Those who know the Riviera Maya and those who are hoping to visit.

The latter can contribute their experiences, reliving those magical moments and even discovering things they didn’t get to experience and know when they were here. The latter can obtain deeper knowledge on the possibilities offered by this destination and answer their questions through all our contributions, thus enhancing their desire to enjoy the perfect vacation. We will speak about all topics around visiting this land: the trip, transportation, hotels, advise, currency exchange, how to dress and what other things to bring, how to beat the heat, safety, weather…

There are some relevant pieces of information on the Riviera Maya. More than eight million persons visit us each year. Many return, as as one week is not enough time to see it all. There is always more to see, and the number of people who visit us grows every year.

Firstklass Vacation is a company established and managed in Mexico by a Spaniard that has resided here for over 8 years. We are available 24 hours a day for anything you might need. Our main mission focuses on making sure every single person who goes on an excursion with us fully enjoys the experience. Each excursion is designed with precision: guides, vans, drivers, restaurants, visiting time, and all other information you require will be made available to you. We always go in small groups, for everyone’s greatest enjoyment. This makes our expertise an essential part of our company’s success. If you want to get to know us better, click here.

One of the most powerful tools we use is our ears. Yes, because listening to your experience and comments provides us with information on what we need to improve. Ultimately, if you aren’t fully satisfied, our efficiency has failed. We are continuously devoted to improving. We want your comments. What are you searching. What do you need. What do you want. As soon as we know, we’ll get it done.

Through the experience of those who have been here, we’ll improve. With the questions and desires of those who will come, we’ll search. Everything you visualize when you go to bed at home dreaming of the Riviera Maya, whether it exists or be created, we’ll get it done.

We encourage you to participate. You are all welcome!

Raúl Herrera

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